Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Perfect Kiss

Now that I am cut loose from a set plan of listening, I find myself hurtling right back into the 1980s. This morning I played The The's "Infected" three times, and just now New Order's Blue Monday and Perfect Kiss from the "Substance" singles collection.

The latter song, particularly in its 12" mix, is as about as perfect a techno-dance track as you are ever going to hear, complete with two intros, each completely effective, a beautifully melodic verse/chorus structure atop an entrancingly busy rhythm track that is completely hypnotic - how many trance afficiandos of the 1990s know that the whole basis of their style is contained in this song? The break following the initial verses sends gorgeous tingles along the spine with the aid of an ethereal synthesizer accompaniment over a less-dense (but just as busy) rhythm with frog-like effects, before the song returns to the overt disco beat and a symphonic instrumental swell that repeats the verse/chorus structure in truly overwhelming style.


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