Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Give Me 3D Vision & The California Blues

If ever there was a band that seems to be no more than style and glitz, it was T. Rex. Marc Bolan's group was huge in England when I was a young teenager, and songs such as "Get It On", "Telegram Sam", "Children Of The Revolution" and "20th Century Boy" are as much a part of my musical spawning ground as anything else.

Often derided at the time by 'serious' rockers, T. Rex's songs have only grown in stature since those days, chiefly because, by not taking themselves at all seriously, they convey more meaning and emotion than any number of contemporary prog rock opuses.

So I am waiting for an expanded and remastered "Electric Warrior" CD to be shipped with unusually bated breath. This is truly fun music.

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